Welcome to TypeWorldServer.com

This server runs as an independent, complementary service in the Type.World ecosystem.
If you create yourself a user account (top-right), you can host a few test-fonts and play with the Type.World protocol and app.

Later I’m planning to extend the trial account into commercial offerings. Stay tuned.
— Yanone

What is this?

The main future purpose of this service is to provide an easy, turn-key solution for small workgroups to deliver beta fonts to a limited user group fast and seamlessly, such as is often the case in custom type development projects, where the branding company’s designers are already working with fonts that are still being developed by the type designers.

What is it not?

This service will not be able to deliver your commercial retail fonts to your customers because there is no way of establishing an automatic connection between this service and your online shop to know which customer bought which fonts. Instead, this is what the Type.World JSON API protocol is meant for.

Once you’ve already set up your own online shop, patching an API endpoint onto it is the easy part. Your online shop already knows which user purchased which fonts. You just need to reformat all that available data under the given protocol and serve it as industry standard JSON strings.

Refer to the Type.World Developers page for more information.

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